Based in Chelmsford at 1click2it we can offer you repairs and upgrades for computers and laptops and a whole host of other services. So if your computer isn't working properly or you think there's a problem, 1click2it is here to help.

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No Fix, No Fee!

We pride ourselves on offering an honest and friendly service

In the unlikely event the we can't fix your problem, we won't charge you a thing!


Computer & Laptop Repairs

We offer a comprehensive range of computer and laptop repairs for home and businesses at affordable prices, so you can rely on us to have your device back up and running again in no time.



If your computer or laptop is running slow then upgrading a component can get it running like new or even faster at a fraction of the cost of a new one.


Virus Removal

Many people don’t realise that their computer or laptop is infected. Viruses can slow down, crash and even damage your documents or photos. We can remove the virus and offer you a long-term solution, so you don’t run the risk of losing your data.


Data Backup & Recovery

Now we are in the digital age most of our photos and documents are stored on our computer or laptop. Until something happens a lot of people don’t realise that they could lose it all if they don’t have a backup solution in place. At 1click2it we can offer an automatic backup that will run in the background to reduce the risk of this happening. We can also try to recover the data if you don’t have a backup in place.


Custom Build, Reconditioned & New Computers

Here at 1click2it we can custom build your computer to your specification whether it’s for gaming, business or home use. We can also supply reconditioned and new computers and give you free advice on the best option for your money.



Computer & Laptop Services




Remote Repairs

Data Transfer

Virus/Spyware Removal

Operating System Installation

Data Recovery

Computer Tune up

Cloud Backup



Hardware Repairs



Graphics Card

Hard Drive

Keyboard & Mouse


Power Units

Performance Issues






Solid State Drive

Ram (Memory)

Graphics Card

Hard Drive Capacity

Operating System

Power Units


DVD Drives